Why Sanskrit is the best language for Artificial Intelligence as said by NASA?

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Sanskrit has the origin in the ancient text like Vedas and the Upanishads and when we go deeper in the details, we find it paving it’s back to Panini 350 years before Christ. Panini was a Sanskrit scholar, a Philologist, and also a scholar of Grammar. Sanskrit is indeed a precious gift from India to the entire world. The contribution which Sanskrit is making to the AI is considered as an honor to the Artificial Intelligence.

Sanskrit is crafted with the most accurate akharas and the letters. It has already made its way in the script of Devanagari and Brahmi Script. This is a world recognition given to the language being embraced even by the computational language. From time Immemorial Sanskrit was used for carrying out therapies that were either psychological or spiritual in characters. The Globe welcomed it by accepting and making it a part of their lifestyle in the yoga regime or meditational practices they follow.

The notion about Sanskrit to be the best language for Artificial Intelligence has mixed reactions today but this is not being discussed in the present the work has continued over time. The research on this began in 1985 when Rick Briggs presented his research papers on Vedic Science -” Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and AI.” In these papers, he has referred to the role of Sanskrit that it can play in AI and can be used as natural language processing in controlling the robots.

In the spring issue of AI magazine, he got his research papers published. That how this is actually going to benefit in machine learning. The contribution to this particular research topic was being done for more than long two decades by NASA and a lot of monetary investment has been made this project for the enhancement of Artificial Intelligence. Now the question arises as to why Sanskrit alone is being considered for making commands to AI and controlling the machines and the robots by NASA??? After a lot of research being done on it a lot of factors came up as to why Sanskrit is the best option among all.

NASA has shown a lot of Interest in Sanskrit for AI for space communication from a long time back, it is found that it will be much more suitable to use the Sanskrit language, as it follows strict Grammar rules, the syntax for Sanskrit is ordered properly even if you reorder the words in a Sanskrit sentence the meaning remains unchanged. Thus, reducing the ambiguity although the question of ambiguity never arises in Sanskrit the meaning of a word or a sentence always remains the same. The interpretation of them is always the same. This is one of the challenges that arise when we use another language be it any. For instance, if we use any sentence in English, it may have the probability to be interpreted in different ways in different situations. The machine is not able to cater to choose what is the most appropriate meaning in a given situation as it does not have its own power of discretion in it.

Natural Language is being developed to improve logical relations with scientific precision. Lisp language which was being used have many challenges in its way when used in its functioning of AI. Sanskrit is the most precise language and now a lot of development should be made in its evolution, AI. The software should be written by now. In it’s the usage a machine is easily able to do the linguistic analysis which is generally difficult by AI. Rick Briggs in his work suggests that interpretation will be easily done. B.F Skinner a renowned behaviorist and a psychologist published a Book on Verbal Behavior in 1957 considered this in his work. But later Noam Chomsky got recognition for this who made a remarkable recognition for giving in-depth study in the syntactic structure on his syntactic models.

NASA said — Sanskrit is the best language for AI
Sanskrit- Best Language for AI (NASA)

Sanskrit is an established language which the root of all the international language which owe their origin to it and English owing it to the 21 international languages. Sanskrit has 102 Arab, 87 crores, and 50 lakhs Hindi units, and if Sanskrit is used 150 new identical words will be generated over time. Sanskrit makes excellent communication and embellishes expression. Computers require algorithm programming science research and have found Sanskrit as the most appropriate one to meet its requirements. It provides the mark meaning and variety in the least amount of word giving it the precise meaning. Even if you reorder the word or jumble it the meaning remains the same.

Sanskrit’s contribution is a perfect one which will definitely give an edge to the work. The remark leveled up by NASA Sanskrit Correction is an authentic one although no official statement has been made by NASA yet. The evolution of AI and its development to work as a human being is still an enigma.

The statement that Sanskrit is the best language for Artificial Intelligence is the apt one. Sanskrit is indeed the best gift in itself to the world and to society.

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