Why is Digitization in Store Required?

You can’t expand your outlet without having any digitization in it, and which is very necessary nowadays where the world is moving towards paperless transactions.

Can you expect a smile from an already died person?

I think this is an impossible statement!!

Exactly, same applies in the case of an outlet. If you haven’t adopted the technologies yet, then I am very sorry to say you are running an outlet which can never be expended.

So, let’s talk about what exactly the digitization is and why is it necessary to adopt in in our outlets which we are running.

When we undertake all the activities like; taking order, billing, inventory control, inventory holdings and even the supply chain management with the help of some very useful soft wares, then we call it as that our store is a digitized one.

There are so many importance of it as well, it is not just to keep your pace with the world, or to change yourself according to the outside environment but it is necessary to save your time, to attract your customers, to make the processes fast, to make yourself involved in some more important work. With the help of digitization, you can complete your tasks easily in some clicks only, rather than to waste hours on the same work to complete it. You can also have a control over everywhere at just one place, so don’t you find it interesting and amazing?

So, what type of digitization one can adopt in their stores/ outlets, and these are some types which you can use like; you can have a mobile app, website where the customers can make their purchases and can also write the suggestions as well, you can also have some social media pages where you can provide the information about the store or else you can also use the informational blogs as well. These are some ways through which you can have some digitization in your store.

And, for the better understanding we can take the example of ‘AMAZON GO’ which is using the sensor fusion technology to automate the payments and checkout processes, or ‘NIKE SPEED SHOP’ which allows customers to reserve shoes online to try on in store, which is quite impressive for the customers and also one of the reason that their profits are more and they comes under customers’ preferences even after having so expensive products.

So, the conclusion here is that the customer nowadays are becoming not only demanding but they have the full knowledge about the market as well, about the technologies as well which impress their buying basket, which is not possible for the stores who are running their processes traditionally. So, if you want to have customers than you need to have some technologies and some automated systems in your stores.

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