What is Zero Defect Manufacturing??

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2 min readMar 6, 2021


Today we will be talking about zero defect manufacturing, what is the meaning of this particular philosophy, what are the cons of this zero defect manufacturing, and what are the benefits which a company can get from zero defect manufacturing?

Zero defect manufacturing is that kind of philosophy which is being used and applicable in manufacturing area and its main purpose is to identify the things or the causes which are or which can create defects and eliminate them or make the defects to their minimum in terms of the manufactured goods.

There are so many causes which can create defects in the manufacturing and that includes; bad quality or poor quality of resources like; raw material, machines and equipment etc. so, to make the manufacturing to zero defects it is very necessary to use things of superior quality.

There are some of the principles which this zero defects manufacturing follows and that are; quality standards means zero defects, Defects Prevention Is Better than Quality Inspection and Correction, quality is measured in terms of money, etc.

Now, if I talk about the benefits of using zero defects manufacturing then it helps to reduce the cost of the manufactured product because of the minimal wastes and also it removes all the hidden costs, it will now be possible for the companies to measure the quality as well, and ultimately this all helps to increase the morale and confidence of the employees towards the work.

But as well all know that if something is having advantages, then it also have some disadvantages too. The first and foremost is that it is quite impossible or we can say difficult to make the manufacturing as totally defects free, and if some organization commits that it is following it then people take it in a negative or we can say in a fake way.

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