What is E-Mail Marketing Funnel??

E-Mail Marketing

Have you ever thought if any of the social media where you are posting your content about the brand or your business suddenly gets shut down or people suddenly start to switch to some other platform, then what will you do?

In such type of situation what type of businesses will going to survive and will not get affected, as we all know that this is the era and the period of digital marketing, where people prefer less in terms of pamphlets, and posters but they want to have some kind of message and information which should always be there with them on their devices. So, what is the alternative for this? Let’s talk about the alternative for this and the term which has been evolved is Email Marketing Funnel. What actually it is?

Email marketing funnel is something which has been designed by the businesses to sell themselves by educating the person who will read the content and they are basically the customers of the business or all those who will be there as the targets for the business.

So, how actually it works and what businesses do? Firstly, what businesses do is, they will send you some kind of google forms and feedback forms, where you will have to write your email id and with the help of which they will get the email address of the different people. Then, they will send you some emails so that you could subscribe them to get the updates related to that and when you are done with this process, they will send you the content which will contain some relevant information and that’s how they attract and acquire the subscribers to subscribe and at last those subscribers will become their customers.

And also, this is very important to have some other platform other than facebook and twitter because in case if they will not work, then this will work out for you and for your business. Overall, we can say this is very beneficial, also email is that platform which is being used by almost everyone. As well as, it allows the marketers to deliver their content and information at the right time to the right kind of audience and people, also it is very much good that the people who are having interest in that can subscribe to that, there is no mandate for people as well, because it works as a personalized one.

It also works stage by stage which includes awareness, interest, conversion, and at last the most important one and that is loyalty.

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Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!

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Society of AI

Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!