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3 min readMar 21, 2021


E-commerce, I believe that everyone has heard about this term and you all are familiar to this word as well. Everyone knows that when buying and selling done online or electronically is considered to be as e-commerce.

Let’s take a situation when you are doing all your transactions only through a store; what do you think, will it reach to all the geographical areas, will it reach to all the demographic ones? Will you be able to increase your customers? Will your business be known by everyone?

And everyone answer would be a clear no. and that’s the fact as well. Without having e-commerce activities in your business, you are limited to certain things, certain areas and certain people only. You can’t provide or you can’t reach to your target customers as well. You can’t fulfill the needs of your customers as well. If they want to make a purchase from your store they need to come physically to your store, only then it will work out.

And, what you will be getting from this? Your customer base will start declining; your sales will remain either constant or may be it can also decrease. Because then the customer will think that it would be better to buy it through the nearby store or through someone else who has the facility of home delivery of the products and for that customers are ready to pay the extra amount as well, as you all pay in the form of either delivery charges or transaction charges, because you are getting comfort at your doorstep only. People need not to go anywhere which is very helpful for them to handle their other stuffs as well.

Let’s take another situation, when you are doing your business online as well. Would it help out to increase your sales and ultimately profit or not? You answer would be yes. Because it is benefitting both the parties, consumers as well as the businessman. As a businessman, you can now focus on some other important and necessary things for your business as well.

For consumers, it is helpful as they can now get their products and services delivered at their home only. They have both the option, either to purchase the goods from the store or through the online platform. It will also increase the profit and sales of the businessman as well. And also he can get to know about what consumers think about their products with the help of feedback system and it will also make them loyal and satisfied towards your business as you are valuing them as well.

Now a businessman can also save its costs as well. Because now he doesn’t need any distributor, wholesaler, retailer, also the use of manpower will be less and hence he don’t have to pay the salaries to many people like before. Business can now take the help of various online platforms like amazon, Flipkart etc.

And now if I conclude this, then it has so many benefits to both the sides, not only consumers but the businessman as well which has been already mentioned above. So, why not to take advantages of it?

And, at last these are some of the advantages which you can get in your business by applying the online platform.

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