Top Things to Consider during Employee promotion

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2 min readApr 2, 2021


Have you ever thought to promote your employees?

Have you ever thought what is the right time to promote them is and what can be the process?

Let’s see how we can do that.

What’s more important to promote your employees, so let me tell you that there are two important things that are very necessary to promote your employees and they are mindset and skill set. While doing employee promotion always keep these two things in your mind. And that’s why we say that the potential and performance are the two price of the promotion.

Potential and performance both should increase simultaneously, if potential is increasing then performance should also increase, only then the employee should be entitled to get the promotion. Employee should have the correct and enough potential to handle that upcoming responsibility.

Because performance is nothing but it works as a proof/ evidence of the employee’s past. It shows you what your employee has done, whether he deserves it or not. And potential is a kind of reassurance for the future of the employee who will get promoted.

So, how to find the potential of the employee? It can be done by analyzing the skill and will of the employee.

So keep all those things which you find that an employee should have before promoting him to a higher level, identify;

Whether he is able to prioritize and manage his time with the high level of responsibility,

Whether he is having good work ethics or not, which means identify that can the person be an example for others or not, especially for his subordinates,

What is the orientation of the employee, whether he believes in problem to solution approach or not,

Whether he involve his subordinates or he is taking into consideration the feedback by others or not,

So these all are the things which are very important to promote an employee, who should be kept by an employer in his mind, while their promotions.

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