Society of AI

Sep 30, 2020

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1. Jobs will require AI technical skill set: platforms like Edx, Udemy and coursera are providing flexible short-term courses which you can avail online and add to your skills during the period of COVID19.

2. C.B.S.E. board is now soon going to make an inclusion of IBM’S AI curriculum in over 200 Schools for classes 11th and 12th across India.

3. Field of journalism is being affected: news people are being laid off in USA and being replaced by AI; shift in work culture is being observed.

4. PM Modi informed the IBM CEO about great opportunities in India these days. The Atma nirbhar empowered this vision. The flow of capital is indicated to be channelized towards the health sector.

5. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has opened gateways in the field of Health during the time of PANDEMIC, around the globe.

6. India and Israel have joined hands in the fight against Corona virus. The meeting is envisioned soon with the President of AIIMS and the Military scientist, R&D Team from Israel.

7. On World Emoji Day on 17th of JULY, according to bobble reports during the time of Pandemic there is a rise of 58% of emoticon usage related to health; by different online socializing platforms and dating sites.

8. Robotics and AI will witness major investments, Robots will be hired more for the task of cleaning the hospitals safeguarding the Humanity at large.

9. Electric Vehicle (EV’S) investments have declined as stockholders find themselves in a state of apprehension because of the India and China Tiff going on.

10. Academic Research Area has foreseen changed patterns and has confronted a digital deceit, educating the faculty to impart knowledge and being aware of censorship should be done to cater the needs of students and making them informed of the same is the need of the hour ,being aware of the FAKE NEWS before the inclusion of information in their research studies is suggested.

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