Secure Shellis a method for secure remote login from one computer device to another. It provides several options for strong authentication, and it protects the communications security and integrity with strong encryption.

SSH Secure Cell

Local Port Forwarding

Local port forwarding lets you to forward traffic from a port of your local computer to the SSH server, which is then forwarded to a destination server. The port of the database server is firewalled to protect it from external attacks. You can’t directly access the database server but you can do it through SSH.

Remote Port Forwarding

Remote port forwarding is the exactly the opposite of local port forwarding. It forwards traffic coming to a port on your server to your local computerand then is sent to a destination.

Dynamic Port Forwarding

Dynamic Port Forwarding is the third method of port redirection. Both local and the remote port forwarding allows interaction with a single port where as in dynamic forwarding allows a full range of TCP( Transmission Control Protocol) communication across a range of ports. Dynamic port forwarding always adds a layer of simplicity in an eventwhere we need to switch between multiple ports. We don’t have to tear down our tunnel every time we want to get access to a different computer. It also allows us to do things like nmap through a dynamic port forward

Making SSH Open-Sessions Secure:

1. Make Password Auth Stronger

2. Fix Too Many Authentication Failures

3.Use Public Key Authentication

4.Disable Password Logins after verification

Public Key Authentication

Public Key authentication is stronger than password authentication as its immune to brute-force password attacks, but it’s less convenient because it relies on RSA key pairs. To begin, you create a public/private key pair. Next, the private key goes on your client computer and then you copy the public key to the remote server that you want to log into. You can log in to the remote server only from computers that have your private key. Your private key is just as sensitive as your house key anyone who has possession of it can access your accounts. You can add a strong layer of protection by putting a passphrase on your private key.

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