Sophia means wisdom, is a new addition to the wisdom of AI. Yes, Sophia is a robot developed by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia first opened her eyes and started working from February 14th, 2016 making her first appearance at Southwest Festival, Texas USA in the middle of March 2016.

Sophia is randomly participating in many interviews worldwide. Sophia is the first robot to gain citizenship in any country and she became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Even UNDP welcomed her and entitled her with being the first Innovation Champion and it is the first non- human to receive this title.

Machinery which appear, contemplate, perform, and even emote similar to human beings they are no longer works of fiction charms of our favorite novels. Robots are said to be our future. A contented and high-tech future, to be detailed.

Sophia the Automaton has developed a conspicuous result of uniting all information and skills that the world’s most projecting AI engineers now available. Even though the robot’s originators tell barely anything about how they intended her and taught her the whole lot she knows and is able to do, they deign to clarify mere humans what she uses to contemplate, move, interconnect, and act like a well and intellectual human.

Sophia’s intellect is as long as by the precise artificial intelligence software program, which also permits the android to learn unconditionally novel aspects by herself. The package develops graphic information and examines android’s dialogs.

Sophia can express in English language very assuredly and logically. She can figure complex and complex sentences that feature cultured rational communication and express advance philosophies. For instance, she undoubtedly differentiate root and consequence association amid them, comprehend meanings behind words, can make aggressive declarations, and even stabs entertainment at beings.


The sophia also practices facial as well as voice recognition technologies. Subsequently, she can comprehend a wide variety of human sentiments and emulate them positively.

Sophia is designed with script software a chat system and Open Cog; she can use general reasoning and logic. Sophie has speech recognition sensors, Alphabet Inc., she easily uses gestures to express herself, making a lot of facial expressions of different emotions. With a camera and computer on her head, she can easily visualize anything does the scanning of the face and recognize and remember it. She has a similarity to ELIZA which is a software to simulate human conversation used as such in the chatbot.

Sophia adapts herself to the human environment easily, showcasing her social skills. Hanson designed her to help in health and nursing to help the elderly in their day to day tasks making their lives easy.

Sophia despite being a social icon now making her remarkable presence in UNDP attending events and interviews making moves in gaming and in song video also have nine siblings also made by Hason comprising Jules Professor Einstein, Han, Han Jules, Phillip.K.Dick, Joey, Zeno BINA48, Professor Einstein and now Little Sophia.

Sophia travels to different parts of the world making her presence being noticed and yes, she even visited India, last year in December 2019.

Sophia: the humanoid robot adds to the curiosity of all the gizmos and for all people around the world, it is actually very fascinating to see that how she possess human-like skin, expression, gestures, and intelligence to have a conversation with anyone reaching out to her and becoming her companion.

Artificial intelligence will change the future

Artificial intelligence is successful to alteration of the creation more than everything in the history of manhood.

AI is impacting the upcoming future of virtually every single business and every single human being. Artificial intelligence has replaced as the chief operator of developing technologies alike big data, automation and IoT, and it will last to act as a technical modernizer for the predictable upcoming future.

Key factors that will turn the table around

Transportation:Even though it might take a span or supplementary to perfect them, automated automobile will one day transport us from different place to place.

Manufacturing:AI motorized androids work together with people to perform a partial range of tasks alike assemblage and piling, and prognostic examination devices keep equipment consecutively effortlessly.

Healthcare:In the moderately AI-nascent arena of health care, illnesses are more rapidly and precisely analysed, pain killer encounter is raced up and efficient, virtual handling helpers monitoring patients and giant information scrutiny assist to make a more modified patient knowledge.

Education:Schoolbooks are digitized with the assistance of AI, early-stage virtual instructors assisting human trainers and facial examination devices the emotional state of scholars to support control who’s stressed or uninterested and better adapt the experience to their separate requirements.

Media:Reporting is attaching AI, too, and will endure to advantage from it. Bloomberg practices Cyborg expertise to help brand rapid intelligence of multifaceted monetary information.

Customer Service:Preceding but hardly least, Google is employed on an AI assistant that can place human-like calls to make arrangements at, say, your neighbourhood hair beauty salon. In adding to arguments, the system comprehends setting and shade.

This shows Sophia is just a start to new revolution in artificial intelligence there is more to come

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