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Have You Thought About it…??

Role of AI in Human Life!

Artificial Intelligence is a computing discipline in itself which imitates human behaviour in it’s working. Whenever something new emerges in the field of science and computers, it does not stop there it is like Time constantly changing and dynamic. In the modern-day world, the roles of machines have become prominent and it simplifies our work which requires a lot of undertaking contrarily.

Artificial Intelligence and its usage do look a little sophisticated. So, to break the ice, let’s make things easier and know-how about this new era of artificial intelligence and algorithms. In a very simple language, AI is a science in which it is programmed to copy the way a human being thinks. Algorithms, on the other hand, are a set of rules or norms one should keep in mind to do things related to computing. Understanding these basics will give us a better insight to delve into this content.

AI is making things much more accessible, removing the barriers which we might face in our life on a daily basis. Let’s dig our heels to a deeper understanding of the matter and magnify upon how is it? It is actually helping in simplifying the lives.

AI is usually doing the job of humans pretty well, as we the chatbots available on different apps carry out the work very effectively, always available to meet the needs of the users, and carrying out the business of them in less time. The major leading countries in the AI industry are making a lot of impacts worldwide in a remarkable manner with its innovation and merging the creative aspect with it.

UK, USA, China, and Germany they are taking over the world in this reign of AI by adding more contributions with them out of the box thinking with new ideas and facilities.

AI helps in better decision making in a short span regarding any situation which requires logical analysis. The best part is it does not have an emotional side to it which makes work easier as it does not affect the mood and work is done in less time in a much more efficient way.

AI-powered working is being used highly in the industrial sector of China, where we can see the restaurant catering to the needs of the robots greets you and serve you on the table in the eating outlets designed to make the service easy with the usage of AI adding a zeal in the work culture, establishing a new kind of environment for humankind.

Surveillance is utilized in all the region of China making it a state which belief in trust and transparency of all work affairs to all the activities being computed.


There is constant innovation being made researches are being carried every day making it a dynamic field of computer science. Self-driving cars or the driver-assisted car is a new invention and a lot of work being done to this area. This contribution is really a gift for non-drivers especially for those who have anxiety with auto motors.

The best milestone in the timeline of AI to date is that it can diagnose Parkinson’s disease yes, this is possible by gauging the strides of the gait of the person the bodily movement made while walking. The movement and its pattern will determine the presence of this ailment. Not only this radiosurgery is aided by it. This can a great help to the doctors to carry out their work easily in labs and hospitals. Apart from X-Ray, CT Scan TB detection is being assisted by it.

This new boon is helping us out behind the curtains, too which is unknown to us like managing our inbox, emails, writing smart replies. It gives us instant precise aid to reply at the spur of the moment.AI enhances our experiences of our social media. The way we communicate with our families and friends making it personal and creative at the same time.

The ride-sharing applications which help us to get the taxi service at our doorstep by just one click, making it easy to move on wheels on time according to our own convenience.

Not only this AI is being used in monitoring the credit system as to which person can be given credit to check the insurance risk involved.

Educational junk available for teachers and students makes the working effective and interesting for them. The work of writing is so much fun now by using tools to enhance our literary works giving an edge to it.

It is maintaining a daily life balance in helping to complete the work on time and in less energy being involved.

AI bringing comfort to your lives

The GPS which we use is another very simple instance, which is within the reach of all humans and we do use it in our day to day life mobility. As it helps us out in navigation of maps and tracking direction. This is not just the end of it, whenever we type something to browse over the internet on inbuilt applications the predictive searches are making it time-saving to carry out our work.

Fraudulent can be traced easily yes fraud prevent is possible that with the usage of AI.

The role of AI in human lives is vital as it adds to the comfort to human existence still there are certain things that may come to use it to the epitome level as it when it comes in case of the algorithm. Some of the things that have to be left on an algorithm to decide on the spur of the moment, is still under question. There are mixed views about it. People’s mindsets are open and there are certain clans still sceptical about its usage.

AI installation maintenance is very expensive it has to be cost-effective to reach out to the mainstream.

Keeping all the major contributions by the new science of computing has added to the work culture making it simple and interrelated. This is really not it but merely a new beginning that how it will take us all to the next realm of experience and human life will be evolved, taking into account the pros and cons of it.

Carrying out a mass campaign for awareness about this new science can be a good effort towards making a part of our daily lives in a new era of human life and Artificial Intelligence.

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