Neural Networks Intuition: How the Human Brain Works?

Neural networks are the algorithms that were originally formulated in the 80s and the early 90s to devise machines that could mimic the human brain. Owing to the fact that computers have become fast enough to run numerous large-scale neural networks, modern-day neural networks are the state- of-the-art technique for different applications.

Neutral Networks Intuition
Human Brain

Our brain is the most fascinating yet complex and a mysterious machine that we know about. It is gifted with the ability to process visions, sounds, taste and the sense of touch. Moreover, the brain can learn about science, do maths, cram-up history and so much more.

Now a question arises, do we really see with our eyes? The answer is not really! Shocked! Let us see how!

We see, when light falling on the object is reflected onto our eyes.

The light reflected from the object passes through the cornea, aqueous humour, pupil, crystalline lens, vitreous humour and finally falls on the retina as photons. These photons are converted into electrical pulses. The electrical pulses are transferred to the brain using the optic nerve. Finally, these pulses are converted into the images by the occipital cortex of the brain.

The optic nerve, like other nerves, is a network of neurons. These neurons are similar to the network of wires such that when a set of neurons receive an electrical pulse, it is transmitted to the next neuron and so forth, until it finally reaches the brain.

When we come across a lion, out of the blue, our brain directs our legs to start running. This is a natural evolutionary response that has developed over thousands of years.

The early humans who learnt to run away on encountering a lion, survived. Their brain formed neural networks, which got transmitted to us as the generations passed by.

This shows that learning something stimulates the formation of neural networks. When we are young, neural networks form very fast. After 20, the new neural networks can only form by the breakage of old neural networks. That’s how the human brain functions.

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