How to Inspire Employees??

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3 min readMar 21, 2021

There are 4 M’s in any organization which are to be considered as the most useful and important resources for that company, Man, Machine, Money, Material and one more has been added to them is Minutes. So, there is one M out of all these which helps an organization to drive all the others and that is Man which we also called as Employees.

So, it is very important for a company to inspire their employees towards the achievement of the organizational goals. So that they can work for the betterment of the company or for its success. Also there are so many ways through which a company inspire its employees and many of these are well known to you as well like; promotions, incentives, bonus, fringe benefits, sometimes bonus in the form of shares as well.

So are you doing the same in your organization or you are criticizing your employees, do you want your employees to work towards achieving the goals, do you want to increase their commitments and responsibilities, do you want to make yourself stand in front of your competitors or not?

Let’s talk about the four important elements which are the key factors to analyse whether you are motivating or inspiring your employees or not, and it includes:

Managing, this word sounds positive but it is not like that. It is about you are telling the problems of an organization to your employees which is ultimately reducing their morale.

Managing, this word is also a positive one but the impact of this can be very harmful. It is about talking about the solutions of those problems which are prevailing in the organization but ultimately it is reducing your employee’s skills because you are not giving them a chance to find out the solution by their own, which means the employee already know about the solution but he is not willing to do it only because you are giving them the ready ones.

Counselling, it is about the asking them about their problems which creates inspiration among them.

Coaching which is the very important one for an employee, because in this step you are coaching him for the problems he is facing, you are asking him the solution, which is what we call as willingness.

So, if you are able to understand the difference between these four, then only you might be able to inspire your employees in a right direction and ultimately they will feel inspired, because now you have started understanding themselves. It is important for you to ask your employees that what are the changes they actually want to bring in their life, and he will commit more only when he is willing to give the solution and he is actually giving.

If you actually want to inspire your employees, then he should know what is the problem, how to solve it, when to do it, where to do it, by whom it can be done and why to do it.

Ask for the questions which are solution oriented the most important technique to inspire your employees.

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