How to Evaluate Employee Performance?

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3 min readMay 31, 2021


What does this performance appraisal or performance review actually means?

What is the actual purpose of doing this?

What is its importance for the employees?

Does it give any advantages to the organization or not?

Let’s start understanding this word ‘Performance Appraisal’. It is very important that you review your employees at a fixed period of time whether weekly, monthly, or sometimes quarterly as well. Performance appraisal in a simple terms means that you told your employees how they are working, whether the organization is able to achieve its targets on time or not, whether they are able to fulfill the expectations through their performance or not.

If the answer you get is Yes, then well and good but if it is no, then there is nothing to worry about but it’s good that you are getting about them. Because if they are not performing good then you can help them to work harder and smarter and you can also suggest them how they can do that.

That is why it is important to make it as a part of your schedule, But not taking it as a part of your process will not going to work, because it will not make your employees competitive.

There are many methods which have evolved and which are emerging nowadays as well and some of them are; management by objectives, 360 degree performance appraisal method, BARS (Behaviorally anchored rating scale), graphic rating method, checklist method, HR scorecard method, etc.

Not only this, but to understand its benefits are also important and it always includes; that it makes the employee competitive, they always try to improve if it is there any deviation in their performance, they will always feel motivated to work better to get the rewards which they will be getting if they found to be as a responsible and committed employees towards the organization.

Simultaneously with all these advantages to the employee, it is benefiting the organization as well because they are now able to get who is performing better, so that they can pick some better training and development program which they can arrange for the employees who are not able to fulfill the employer’s expectations. Also, it will reduce the wastage's which they were getting due to the employees who were not performing better. Not only will this but they also get to know who the entire employee those can be promoted are.

So, at last the conclusion can be, there is no fixed technique to review your employees but you can also make your own method which can be able to suit your organizations work culture.

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