Do You Believe in Brain Washing?

If I am not wrong you all may be using social media platforms, so do you find any difficulty or have you ever feel that it is using your brain negatively or you are getting negativity from it? In short, have you ever feel that it is washing your brain’s ability?

So let’s see and know how the brainwashing can take place?

You all may be a part of any one of these groups like; social, political, family, peers, media group and may be some more. So, have you ever think how do they washing your brain? We can include various media in that too like; advertising, print, social media, electronic media. So what they all are doing with you? They want to create two things, let’s see what are they?

Mind Capturing

Mind Space

So, why they are creating these two things, let me tell you that it is doing just because to create a call to action in your mind, so that you can behave how they want you to.

So, what they want from you is to take the decision by driving your unconscious mind, so that you can answer them consciously. You can take the examples of various advertisements which you see daily on your television, various social media posts which you find on your Facebook, instagram and many other social media sites. I am not saying that those companies are fake or the advertisement is false which you should not watch but whatever they are saying, are you really getting those benefits as per the value.

Reply yourself; can you make your face glowing by making use of any cream? If you haven’t used it, then you know the answer, that’s why you are not using it. But why people are making purchase out of it? That’s what the reason is that they are using your unconscious brain, and accordingly your conscious brain is taking actions on the basis of the other one by making the purchase.

Why they are showing you again and again the same advertisement, why they are not just showing it for once only, after all you just need to get the information from that and which you can also get in the first time only.

So, let me tell you what the role of unconscious mind here is. They just want you to on the trigger in your mind by showing the repeated ones again and again. So that you can get yourself influenced and can make the purchase out of it which is the ultimate motive.

Again reply yourself; can you cross the mountains by consuming a soft drink? Can it be possible? I don’t think so, that I have to answer this.

What do you find from all these things is that, your thoughts are not yours actually, not even a conscious ones. They are created by that media, that platform that brand, that company, but not you.

So what they just want is to create a space and to fit that brand in your brand, by mean of anything even a movie as well.

Reply yourself; do you really think that Ajay Devgan is consuming Vimal Masala in his real life, you can answer it to yourself and you don’t need Mr. Ajay Devgan for this to answer you.

What the thing is that is; Logic is no more a logic now!!

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Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!

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Society of AI

Society of AI

Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!

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