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Sep 29, 2020

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Can Technology Make Humans Jobless!!

Is Advancement in Technology generating Fear in Humans??

Advancement in Technology

The technology has certainly instilled fear in human minds regarding the insecurity of reaming employed. The employment is really a sensitive issue when people are fearing being laid off because of other factors but certainly, technology being a one is a stigma now. Technology is leading to job scarcity which is hindering the minds of not only the labor but also going to impact the white-collar jobs too!! in the process.

Industrial Revolution which took place in the last century created the same fear in people and where the economy was shattered and people were left jobless but this revolution in technology is pervading that industrial movement too. A gap is increasing and is on the verge of widening more between the educated and the laborers. Affecting the skilled and the unskilled.

The last decade saw a decline in Jobs in the USA in the manufacturing jobs and the reason behind it was the usage of technology in carrying out the packaging work and furthermore in the manufacturing of goods. The technology out-powered the human potential.

The buzzword scaremongering became popular regarding the robotics raising alarms and is going to impact the economy. Scaremongering tales was increasing where people were left jobless due to the replacement of the human resource by the technology.

The new age can be successful only by keeping up with the trend, Collin Parris, the Vice President of Software Research at GE stated that it’s far much better to tap train your own talents in order to keep with the pace. STEM-based education should be promoted to go and reach out to the next level. The technical now how is necessary in today’s world.

The outlook towards the technology used is, of course, getting mixed reactions. People buying most of the products online these which has surely led to the decline in the sales work. Occupational services will also witness a decline. The scene won’t be of Mass unemployment although but it can create social and economic friction. The gap will increase between the rich and poor, people are left jobless with the coming of more advanced technology. Most of the work can be completed by robots in no less time than humans.

Amazon developed the concept and IBM views it as a silver lining they rather have a very optimistic approach towards it and states that dirty dangerous jobs that are hazardous for humans like drilling operations and packaging can be done by robots that are prone and are made to work in extreme environments.

In production processes, the cost of production can be lowered down with the help of technology. Demands can be powered up by increasing the supplies. This helps the industries and boost capital formation.

The emphasis is on the hiring of Collaborative Robots which is affordable and at the same time promotes working hand in hand with human beings where the work which is done more efficiently by humans can be done by them. And the robots are hired for the more laborious work functioning in collaboration. This has surely boosted the growth potential of the economy.

The secret lies now in treating the technology be it AI or AR techniques or any other advancement to take it as a tool to enhance your experience and make your work more effective. Embrace the technology and sway the fear of being jobless.

The upgrading of the educational system and of the working training can lead to the change with positivism. The transformation will take place with this strategy which will definitely lead to the evolution of the future for the coming generation with which they can walk hand in hand without any difficulties.

Let’s move forward with a positive attitude of inculcating the technical know-how into your work so that you can include it in your life on a daily basis and can overcome the fear of joblessness!!

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