“ CALO” — Cognitive Assistance that Learns and Organizes.

Cognitive Assistance that Learn and Organizes

What is CALO? This is the first question which strikes our mind, CALO is an acronym being used for the cognitive assistance that learns and organizes. As the name suggests, CALO is a kind of assistance that is given to the user who brings this in use. Let’s get further in this and introduce it at a deeper level giving an insight into what it is?

CALO is an artificial intelligence undertaking that wants to combine all the technologies under one umbrella for the cognitive assistance to be provided for all the users employing it in their working. The origin of the word is in Latin dictionary which means servant of the soldier and hence, yes indeed it is giving services to its user and the best assistance possible.

CALO was founded in 2003 and was in the operating stage for almost five years’ time period and ended up around 2008. It is being funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) and has come with the major development of SIRI intelligent software to assist in Apple IOS. The main objective of the CALO AI project to build a new generation of cognition assistance that can-do reasoning, respond, and can learn from experience.

It is a kind of social application, social in the regard that it can interact and intervene in a personalized way guiding and helping in carrying out the work. The collaboration of all the technologies is done under this one aspect. The technology which was developed to cure chronic diseases was sold to Redbrick Health and Tarpit. These designs are developed to make a selection of smart web content, especially for user preferences.


Tempo AI is a smart calendar managing and scheduling the meetings and appointments for the user. Making fixing of appointments possible seeing the range of tasks already at hand and then making the best possible time out of the user’s schedule to make appropriate appointments.

Desti is another one such application which design to help you to reach out your destination. Guiding all your travels. Mapping the journey estimated time to reach a particular place and tracking of all the traffic on the way. Helps make your traveling experience simple and very convenient giving an insight into your reach to the point of the user’s destiny. Kuatos Studio is also one such venture of the gaming world start-up. These and other such are undertakings of CALO. The project CALO has collaborated all the technologies under its name which are developed to give assistance in different fields of work.

CALO has hired an agency to carry out research on the projects around 300 researchers from 25 places around the globe, with the main objective of creating a third-generation whose basic goal is to develop the cognitive assistants which can carry out rational thinking just like an ordinary human with that much of intelligence and wisdom is capable of making decisions.

The major roles of CALO are to provide assistance in organizing and prioritizing the data available segregation of it done on the previous records and the current organizing the same content under on subheading is possible. Preparation of the data artifact is possible in where the ppt can be aligned with the word document or other files of the same topics and information, hence documentation can be done easily with less hassle with the virtual assistant. Human Communication can be done be it through electronic forums or in a physical setting establishing communication and interaction is possible through the assistance. Management Of the daily task the assistant has deep knowledge about the work and routines being followed by the user by observing and interaction. Planning of appointments scheduling them in time to match the availability of free time. Allocation of resources like electronic resources and matching up with the physical world making the best possible outcome. Tailored to assist in the virtual guidance to organize the working of the user.

CALO design has to undergo an evaluation to see that is it in line with what it is structured for that is an achievement test of 153. It is designed to test the administrative assistance it has given up until now to the user and was it able to be successful in doing so. Whether the technology was able to trace the general behaviours of the user mapping out the daily routines and work styles and priorities. After a period of time, the technology has to go through this in order to record its endeavor.

SRI International is developed by the pal program which is used to collect and to carry out machine learning through this technology. It is catering to the need for general-purpose learning which is upgraded to maintain with the industrial requirements. It is installed in the US Army CPOF fielded in 2010 SRI International in IRAQ. Many university researchers have worked in collaboration for the development of this design structure. Carnegie Mellon University, Amherst University Rochester, and the University of Massachusetts, Institute for human and machine cognition, and the University of Southern California have made joint efforts to make this entire program successful.

CALO has been a successful program in incorporating all the major technologies under its banner who aims at creating cognitive assistance to the new technologies and has prevailed in the existence too!!

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Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!

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Society of AI

Society of AI

Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!

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