Augmented Reality: The Future Thing

Augmented Reality is actually a thing of future though it does have some traces back in time Literature and then the inventions did of eyewear and the headgear. This technology brings in the revolution to the world of gaming and recreation. This has surely have leaped into other streams too!! Leaving no stone unturned. Education and healthcare are other examples of seeing the advancements of this one new technique.

AR Technology
AR Technology

So the first question that arises in our mind is to What is Augmented Reality? The word augment means to add. To make an addition to something. Augment reality is the enhancement done to the physical world environment. It consists of three elements that of the real world, the virtual world, and the environment. This technology alters the ongoing perspectives being hold about the real world and environment.

There is a difference between virtual reality and the augmented reality the virtual reality shows everything virtual visualization whereas augmented reality enhances the experience of the real world by the addition of AR techniques. Mixed reality and computer-mediated reality are some other terms that are used for Augmented Reality.

Mixed Reality
Dive into Mixed Reality

The hardware fraction of AR consists of Processor, Display, Sensors, and input devices which is inbuilt in the design. Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile computing are different platforms that do have the inclusion of this hardware in it.AR techniques in education is a computer vision and are interactive in nature it can recognize the object easily. This includes all the devices and gadgets like optical projection systems, monitors labelled devices, and the devices which are worn by the person.

Let’s seek into the applications of AR technology in different sectors.

US Airforce has utilized these techniques in the Armstrong Laboratory.

Commercial augmentation is also done through the usage of this technology. The commercial augmentation reality. The advertising and flyers are developed to market a product in the market. To boost the sale of any product.

Eyewear-it has developed eyes glasses which has a camera inbuilt in it. The contact lenses are also there which has the element of display in the design. It has the combined LED antenna which enables wireless communication.

Interactive eperience with the Real World.
Interactive Experience with Real World

This was even being used by the entertainment industry and the first mention of the concept was in the movie Sight.

Samsung launched the AR contact lenses which have inbuilt sensors of light and temperature. Virtual Retinal Display was designed to help the people who are visually impaired or were suffering from Keratoconus. Eye tap added more to the accessories of the eyes. This adds to the environment of the person and alters it without changing the place. This is obviously very creative and the experience gives a personalized theme to the environment.

Handheld is an easily comes in the hold of your hand which has a digital compass. Having 360°interceptors available. The gaming world uses it very much. Games like Pokémon Go, Ingress has an interface in which approved locations appear. This feature is used in the gaming world.

Spatial Intelligence is powered by AR through mediums like digital projectors and graphical representation of infographics. Shader lamps, mobile projects, smart projects being some of the examples.

Tracking can easily be done about the location and the position of the device and the wearer.

Networking -there is an application called talk2me which helps you to do networking and socialize through a digitized medium.

Archaeology has embraced the techniques of AR and is using it. VITA is an application being used to configure and formulate the possible site.

The architecture uses the application of Trimble Navigation which was developed in 2004. It has got an accuracy of the GPS. It enables you to monitor and see the sight of construction.

Urban designing which is being done at a large spectrum is using the technology of Augmented Reality. To keep the maps and the data feed. It also sees the addition of some feature or a thing in a natural setting which has to be done in the future in the present scene on your screen. You can easily change the different customized additions.

STEM teaching of electronics is now done through this with Construct 3D and Studiers tube making the experience of teaching more enjoyable as children learn with these in less span of time and that too easily.

Healthcare Department is using it for scanning purposes of the anatomy in 3D.

Industrial Marketing of goods and services can be done with the help of AR techniques, Printing and Video Making, scanning of products, ads for sale, digital catalogues, customization can be used to increase the output of the industry.

In 2010 a Virtual Dressing room was made possible which scans the whole body and a person can try different styles. Mint, Shopify, and Twinkle are some of the other applications which were developed which can augment reality. Virtual light Virtual Art is now are some of the platforms of AR.

The user journey can be categorized into four segments which are public if the person whose body is moving when in public. Personal if the person is using a personal mobile in the public place. Intimate is when a person’s body is still on the desktop and private when a person is wearing the device. Interaction is possible between the device and the user through the activity of the user.AR filters are also present to enhance the reality with virtual light in 3D space and 2D interface with the AR application. Which gives a depth judgment into the visualization?

The AR is surely a future thing that augments adds to the experience and gives an insight into the future!!!

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Society of AI has an vision to educate people how Artificial Intelligence can change their life!