Ai Da — a Humanoid Artist

The first question which strikes our mind is who is Aida? So, Aida is a humanoid the first ultra-realistic robot. She is a humanoid a robot who is capable of performing her functions just like a human does. The completion of this work was done in 2019, this creation of art was unveiled last year.

Recently she has been giving TED talks, becoming a public figure and a creative icon who is capable of making a drawing, painting, and expert in sculptures. When she talks her directly gazes into your eyes and making a healthy dialogue with you. She has recently given a TED talk showcasing her talents and successes in her field of interest in Arts.

Aida is named after Ada Lovelace who was herself a pioneering scientist. She was the first female scientist in the field of computer science. Her body Is crafted with light skin and beautiful facial features. She will be able to perform any task assign to her. Her design was completed by joint efforts of Engineered Arts Cornish Robotics Company and in alliance with an algorithm developed by the Scientist at the University of Oxford and robotics arms and hands are developed by the engineers of AI from the lead university. The design of the head and face is designed using the same technology which was used in the show Westworld showcased on HBO.

Aida has gained fame as she herself is a creation of art and being a humanoid she herself makes pieces of art, sculpture, and painting. In 2019 June Aida ‘s work of art was showcased in a gallery show which was named “ Insecure Featured” at St. Johns College. The gallery works of Adian Miller. Aida’s piece of work was featured in the gallery and was put to the sale which has made 1000$ million.

Aida’s eyes are constructed with the in-built of the camera which helps her to do facial recognition with facial recognition technology, this allows her to draw the portraits of people with the scanning which she can do with the camera in her eyes and draw with her arms. The motor movement makes it possible for her to move a pencil on a plane surface and intersecting with the x-axis. Aida drawings are fed into an algorithm that interacts with the Carter plane it cuts along the two axes.

Aida has a very refined taste when it comes to art having the knowledge about Picasso Pablo and the way she was even featured in a program called “ Privacy “where the designers dressed her up. She has become a great artist in a short span and an icon and humanoid which can paint, sketch and draw. She has even intersected the design of a bee which was later used as a frame for the sculptor. Her hand is able to make straight lines which she goes through and her hands are later able to design that compilation into a sculptor design. She has developed her capability of automating the designs for art culture and this creative field. But when it comes to her social skills is yet to be evolved as she just replies with her known answers which are programmed in her existence. When interviewed she raised her concerns on the environment and humans in relation to technology. Still, it answers just with the skills which she inhabited with the programming done to her system with a limited interaction but her drawing skills which she is practicing with clay and colours now is a remarkable achievement by a humanoid. So here are three cheers to the work of Aida which is being appreciated in the world of humans!!!

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