•In machine learning, we many times come across data which are not in numbers such as colors, names, etc.

•Though it seems like a good way of collecting information, categorical data is a little difficult to work.

Encoding of categorical data

As we discussed, machine learning algorithms…

What is data pre-processing?

Introduction to GPU

GPUs are fast because they have high-bandwidth memories and hardware that performs floating-point arithmetic at significantly higher rates than conventional CPUs

Processing large blocks of data is basically what Machine Learning does, so GPUs come in handy for ML tasks. TensorFlow and Pytorch are examples of libraries that already make…

Scikit-learn is a machine learning application for the used in Python Programming language.

• It is used in tasks like classification ,regression and clustering algorithms.

•It is built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib

•It is written in C,C++,Python,Cython

•conda install -c intel scikit-learn

Scikit Learn

Supervised learning is when…

From histograms to scatterplots, matplotlib lays down an array of colors, themes, palettes, and other options to customize and personalize our plots. matplotlib is useful whether you’re performing data exploration for a machine learning project or simply want to create dazzling and eye-catching charts.

Matplotlib can be used in Python…

Pandas object types:

Pandas have two object types:

Series: Series is a type of list in pandas that can take integer values, string values, double values, and more.

Dataframe: Dataframe can be made of more than one series or we can say
that a data frame is a collection of series…

An informative article, AI has brought a revolutionary change. As you mentioned, Virtual Personal assistants, Goods Recommendations and predictions, it is being applied to various industries and sectors today, be it healthcare, social media, marketing, customer experience and relationship management, transportation, media and entertainment. It aids in enhancing their productivity and business growth. For more information, have a look - https://youtu.be/whtF56aWViQ

Product packaging refers to the process where the businesses focus on to create the exterior side of the product, so as to appeal and attract customers and also to protect it from being damaged. It includes choices in a material, form, graphics, fonts and colors etc. that are used for wrapping a box, bottle or any kind of container.

Product Failure

Why we always say treat customers as king? Is there any specific reason for that?

So I would say, Yes absolutely there is a reason because do you know what happens is when your customers didn’t like the products and services you are serving to them, your product reaches to…

Society of AI

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